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Berlin Taxiadvertising gets your advertisement all over Berlin

You can choose which areas of Berlin your ads is going to focus on

Airport, trainstations, downtown, certain districts or all of Berlin

advertising Berlin taxi Kudamm

Unlike other Out Of Home Advertisements taxis actively seek out high frequented areas. At every big event taxis are waiting inline, well positioned with your advertisement.

With taxiadvertising your campaign will be

To reach a bigger audience your adivertisement will be all over Berlin
Taxis will repeatedly head towards the most crowded areas
Your taxi advertisement will always be at the strategic most important places in Berlin
OOH taxi advertising Kudamm Darna
Kopfstützen Werbung Taxi Darna

Taxiadvertising inside the taxi

Place your advertisements inside the taxi with our headrest billboards to present your message to a high-income target group

  • Unmissable
  • High-quality print for the best results
  • You book the interior exclusively
  • Book the headrests individually or in combination with our door-cover advertising

What we do differently

Thanks to our own production und close relationship to Berlin taxi companies, we can offer you more:

  • You benefit from our high-resolution printing technique with up to 1.200 dpi on weatherproof high gloss film, which will shine bright until the end of your campaign
  • New and well-kept vehicles, which work up to 22 hours a day and are therefore active with your advertisement the whole day

Icon Berlin

Means to you: You get the best quality in print, film and car.

Do you want to see your ad all over Berlin?