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Door-Cover taxi advertising

You benefit from high quality in print and film, so that your advertisement can gain the positive attention, that it deserves.

The material
Print with up to 1,200 dpi
Weatherproof high-gloss film
Strong colors

The taxi
Whether at shopping streets, in front of malls or event locations, taxis are always at the places to be.
They are positioning themselves good visible for the public
On average a taxi in Berlin goes about 150km per day
2 Drivers are sharing the taxi. One drives at day, the other one at night. Your ad will be on the way all day.

This will make your advertisement to an eye catcher at the most crowded places in Berlin

If a taxi is waiting for a tour every day for just an hour at one of Berlins crowded shopping streets like the Tauentzien street, then about 63,000 people will see this car with your advertisement on it.

and afterwards the taxi is still going to be on the way another 23 hours!

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How many people will actually see the ad? Taxis are present at all these places. Mainly at their peak times.

If you want to target specific areas, speak to our team and we will source taxis from those areas.

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